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    Karim Bechlem
    5 junio 2022

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    The ¨Cultural and Environmental Association Permacultura Cantabria¨ develops its main activity in the Pasiegan Valleys (Cantabria, northern Spain). In this beautiful setting, more than 15 years ago, a group of professionals began to meet and organize activities in their community. Their goals were to investigate alternatives to achieve a sustainable culture, to take care of each other and to enjoy what they did. The intention of Permacultura Cantabria was to, little by little, create an international reference platform, based on ecological and healthy systems, which could help to generate enthusiasm and enrich society, which they appreciated as numb and without hope, due to the lack of references. In order to do so, they created an experimental, sustainable and selfsufficient property, in which they have hosted many volunteers, organized many courses and group activities.

    logo omem küçük



    Osmangazi District of National Education Directorate(OMEM) is a public body under the Ministry of National Education. Our Directorate established on 15.08.1988 is the official education authority responsible for the monitoring, evaluation, and development of all official and private education institutions in Osmangazi, which is the largest city with a population of 850.000 in the center of Bursa. It’s also the 4th biggest city in Turkey.

    Transperant olemisen new logo

    Olemisen Balanssia ry


    Olemisen is a research-based organization founded in year 2014 in Raisio, Southwest Finland. The focus of our work is the definition of educational needs, with activities focussed on data collection, structured research, and experimental assessment on results through digital piloting. Inspired by the Finnish educational model, we prioritise social-emotional learning alongside cutting-edge educational technologies.

    Olemisen Balanssia ry – Keep Innovating Yourself!

    Logo Pannevelles

    Lycée Les Pannevelles


    Lycée Les Pannevelles is a polyvalent (general and vocational education) high school with skills in HVAC, civil engineering, mechanical maintenance, building construction, woodwork and heavy equipment driving for the vocational part. The high school welcomes every year about 1200 students, aged 15 to 20 years supervised by 120 teachers and 20 administrative staff.


    Innovation Frontiers


    Innovation Frontiers IKE is an eco-friendly company being part of a national project called “Green Jobs” which reintroduces priorities relating to “Environmental and Climate Objectives”. Innovation Frontiers IKE company has an eco-policy of eco-consciousness and awareness where we try to make as little impact on the environment as possible. Our employees are educated on which materials are recyclable, compostable, and trash. The company is also conscious of its product’s material waste. Moreover, we opt to do business with greenfriendly brands and companies.

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    ERTEV aims to prepare individuals for the changing nature of work and emerging new technologies related to industry 4.0 and digitalization through improving the quality and relevance of basic education with STEAM skills and developing technical and professional skills. ERTEV has been organizing vocational courses and trainings, training of trainers on emerging technologies and new manufacturing technologies and their applications in the classroom. ERTEV is a foundation that contributes to basic education, including technical and vocational education, provided by the state and aims to impact individuals, who need technical and professional skills, to raise rational, prudent and creative citizens that society needs.

    FabLab Nordvest logo

    Fablab Nordvest


    FabLab Nordvest is a Copenhagen based Makerspace / FabLab that has been in operation since 2013. It is situated in the north west part of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is equipped with a large range of modern prototyping/manufacturing tools used for doing digital fabrication and product development. Among these tools are 3D printers, CNC mills, lasercutters, plastic processing machines, digital design lab, CAD systems etc. It is part of the international FabLab network and has close collaboration on projects with other labs. The steering committee consists of a diverse group of engineers, designers, teachers and community builders who run and develop the lab.

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